We offer optional culture class after each language class.  It runs from 4:00pm to 5:00pm each week.  Every semester we offer different classes, including traditional Chinese dancing, Chinese brush writing, arts and other interesting extra-curriculum topics that allows the students to experience the Chinese cultures.   For what cultures classes we offer now and its fee, please refer to our current registration form

文化課為志願性選修性質每週上課一小時每學期所開設課程視師資狀況及學生興趣有所不同包括民俗舞蹈、書法國畫、手工藝、及各類運動活動以提昇學生興趣認識中華藝術文化為旨詳見文化課課程表。  詳細和收費請見新生註冊表格

Chinese Yoyo Curriculum 2017-2018

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